Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thank You Everyone

Victoria is at rest now and we are back home. This was a very hard life experience for us all. Now comes the long healing process I know it will take us all some time. I want to thank everyone for there emails and support during these trying times. I am sorry to say we are not doing Sugar Plum but I know you will all understand, I will be adding more dollys and some new wood decor on my website later in the week.
Again Thank You All for being there!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What A Terrible Shock!!!

Hi everyone this is a very sad post but we just lost my sister in law on Sunday. She was hit head on by a drunk driver on her way to work and died instantly. She was only in her thirties and left behind 2 small boys and her husband. It's been a very very hard and sad week here. We are still waiting for them to release her body so we can have the services for her. They have to do an investigation when there is a death involved in an accident. We are hoping to have the services this week rather than having to wait till next week. The wait is very hard on everyone. Her name was Victoria she was a great Person, Sister, Mom, Sister In Law, Friend. She was always cheerful and happy and full of life. When something like this happens you reflect on your own life and realize all the little stuff you sweat is nothing, life is way to short. We should live each day to its fullest. We should take the time to enjoy all the little things going on around us!!! I didn't know if I should write about this, but I felt that it is sometimes good to talk about it. I am sorry to burden you with such sad stuff. Keep us in your prayers!
Bye Rosalie

Thursday, March 8, 2007

My New Raggedy Ann Dolls

Hi Gals here are just a few
of the new dollys I promised you

go here to see them!Two of my annie dolls have the cutest big eyes and the other two annies have darling curly lavendar pigtails. I have a lot more I'll be finishing soon. I will post again as soon as they are finished. Good bye till next time :o)

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Revamping Raggedy Dollys Website

I am revamping my Raggedy Dollys website I didn't care for the pink and white check backround I had on there. So I asked for help from Angie at Heartland Graphics Here! she is just great!!! She designed this awesome backround for me with my dollys all over the page. It's really hard to explain you need to go check it out Here!

I really didn't know what I wanted only that I needed a change and Angie designed the most perfect backround for me something I never would have thought of myself. Thank You Angie : ) Let me know what you think of the new backround?

She also owns Primitive Times Magazine a free online magazine that is packed full of information with free patterns and lots and lots of advise from several editors. I just know you will enjoy it like I have go Here! to view it. While you are there take a look at the dolly ad I have on her magazine tell me what you think? What fun!!!

Well Back to my website I felt it needed a facelift with the New Year, yes I know it's already March but better late than never I say. I also added some buttons at the bottom of the pages to go to the next page. I think it looks better than the wording I had on there. I am still learning all the neat things I can put on my website. (Wish I had learned from the start) Anyway I am learning new things daily and am meeting such great lady's along the way that are all willing to help one another. What a great bunch of crafters we all are!!!

I am still working on those Dollys I promised, I will be listing them soon and I will post here on my blog when I do. I am trying to do several things at once and it just isn't working out so well for me. I am designing new patterns for my wood products as well as for my Dollys at the same time and I can't get anything finished. So I am going to concentrate on finishing the dollys first than go on to the patten making. Plus I have a show coming up in about 3 weeks in Orange County called Sugar Plum Festivel if your in the area come say Hi! You can get the address on my show page Here! Sooo I will be busy busy busy for awhile. Well I guess that's all the new happenings going on here. I have to get back to work, I have some dollys to finish up.