Friday, April 27, 2007

My New Very Prim Annies!

Here are my new very prim annie designs aren't they just darling? I just love how they all turned out! Let me know what you think?
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I just listed these over at my site click here Raggedy Dollys
The third Annie is on page 2 take a look! Well that's it for now just a short note to let you all know there done. It's back to work for me, I am having a good dolly work day. Getting lots of dollys done today! Will be listing more soon, and I will let you all know. : )


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Energy Balancing Day!!!

First let me thank you all for the great response to my new prim lights and fixins. I am so glad you all like them and are ordering some for your homes! You gals are keeping me very busy with the wood decor and the dollys. But that's all good!!!

Here's whats new around here I had my first Energy Balancing this weekend. My cousin came over and did it, she is a massage therapist and is taking a class for energy balancing. So I got extremely lucky because she came over to practice on me : ) What she did is pulled up all of my energy with a body scan using her energy to align and balance all the energy points on my body. While she is doing the balancing she also feels my energy and finds my trouble spots (my hands) and sees different colors in the process. I could actually feel the energy coming off the sides of both my hands, my feet and I felt it in my stomach area. I also saw different colors while she was doing the scan. When she was done I had a lot of energy for the rest of the day and for a couple days after. Have any of you ever had this done before? If so let me know how you felt and what you experienced going through the Energy Balancing. Everyone has a different experience and they see different colors during the balancing. It really does feel great!!! If you ever have the chance to do it try it you'll like it : )

Somemore new stuff: I just got done making these lil annie dollys and listing them over at my website! Go take a look Raggedy Dollys

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I am also designing some very prim annies I should be done with them very soon! I will post about them when I am done with a photo of my new prim annies.

Oops I almost forgot to tell you I have been very busy getting ready for another show out in Ramona, CA. If your in the area come by for a visit and say hi we'd love to see ya!!! Go over to my show page for the address info My Country Cottage
Goodnight All!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

New Candlelight And Fixins

There here just as I promised you!!! I just added our new line of Candlights, Fixins and Candles With Fixins
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Just click on My Country Cottage to go over and see all the new items I just added over at our website. I think you may find something you like there. : )
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I will be adding more items and scents to my new line later in the week. So keep checking back!!!
Bye till next time and have a great day! :-)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

New Signs Listed On My Website

Hi gals I just listed alot of new signs over on my website. We are introducing our new line of Wood Block Signs on our website now! We introduced them at a show we did and had a very great response with them, everyone just loved them! These are just a few here in the photo below.Click On

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mycountrycottage to hop on over to the Prim Section where you will find all my new signs. I will be adding some Candle Lights, Fixins and more Wood Block Signs here next week. I will let you all know when I have listed them.

I almost forgot I added a few more raggedy ann dolls Click here Raggedy Dollys to take a look!
Well thats all for now till next time. :-)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter / Birthday Party

We did something very different this year we celebrated Easter on Saturday combined with my grandaughter's 1st birhtday. Here is her beautiful cake made special for our little princess!!!
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All of our family came up to celebrate with us. We all had a great time especially my grandaughter I think she was overwhelmed by all the gifts she had to open. (lots of toys) Fun Fun Fun!

I was able to find a little time during all this fun and added a few more dollys on my website go check them out! I will be adding more later this week.
Bye till next time : )

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Some More Dollys Added

I just got done designing these new dollys what do you think? I had this design in my head for awhile I knew how I wanted them to look and they came out exactly how I wanted them! I am very happy with my new dollys :)
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Click here to go see them I will be listing more of my raggedy ann dolls tomorrow it just got to late to list them all today. I will also be adding more Signs, some new Candles lights and Antique Ball Mason Jars with stuffed hearts in them. I will let you know when I get the rest listed.
Good Night