Thursday, November 19, 2009

Buena Park Sugar Plum!!!

We are doing a new location for Sugar Plum Festivals in Buena Park!!! Just got done setting up my booth and here are some photos before the show opens tomorrow Thursday Nov. 19th

This is the right angle of my booth


This is the left angle of my booth


And this is the center view of my booth


We are so excited with this new location in the Buena Park Mall here in Calif. We now have two locations here and at the Costa Mesa Fair Grounds!!!

I have a lot of new signs as you can see in the photos. I will be adding them to my websites soon.

Just a quick post to share my booth photos with you all. Did I mention I am doing two craft shows this week. My other craft show is For Every Season in Riverside, Calif. I don't do this to often, just that the dates for two of my good shows happened to be on the same week. So here I am doing both.

I am sorry I don't have any photos, I forgot to take my camera at setup. I will try and get some photos and share them with you all.

Need to get some rest I have another long day tomorrow!!! Seems like all I am doing is work, work, work!!!