Thursday, August 7, 2008

Alpine Festival Of Arts And Crafts

Hi All
Just wanted to let you know what I have been up to lately well I joined the Alpine Festival of Arts And Crafts over in Helen, Ga. Here is a photo of the cute village


They are carrying my Raggedy Ann dolls and my wood signs. If you are ever in Helen, Ga. stop by and say hi to everyone there. It's a family run business with a bunch of nice gals.

I am working on a new line I will be introducing soon and finishing up some new raggedies. I will be listing them on my websites and Etsy.

Oh did I mention I am getting ready for a blog giveaway as soon as I get the lil cutie done.

It's back to work for me I will post when all is done and listed.

Thanks for the lil chat I needed it, it's good to take this lil break and share with you all!!!



MudRailFence said...


Cute blog, and cute dolls!

Thanks for the compliment, on my blog..appreciate it!

We do have a WINNER, so come on by!


selin said...

your dolls are very nice. Congratulations you are realyy talented on these.

And also I just want to know when is the alpine Fest? ı am sure you have found lots of interesting things in that festival.

best regards

Rosalie said...

Hi Selin
The Alpine Fest is a year round shopping mall of several different shoppes. Do you live in the area if so email me and I will give you the info to the village.