Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stock & Stuffers Craft Show!!!

Here are some photos of my booth at Stock & Stuffers Craft Show. The show is going on this weekend. I am sharing a booth with my good friend Glenna.

This is the left side of the booth
Stock & Stuffers Left Side March 09

Center of the Booth
Stock & Stuffers Left Side March 09

Right Side of the booth
Stock & Stuffers Right Side March 09

The booth was to large to get it all in one photo.

As you can see by all the new items we have been very busy. If you are in the area come over and say hi.

Thanks for stopping by,



Primgrl1 said...
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Primgrl1 said...

Holy Cow! I'm talking stocked and ready to go!! I see that your craft show is today and I wanted to stop in and say "Good Luck!". I'm pretty sure you and your friend will do very well. I wish I could stop by because it looks like fun!!


Rosalie said...

Thank you Primgrl1 :-)
My friend and I did have a great show!!! Wish you could have joined us.


MommaB said...

love the big you sell them by mail???

Rosalie said...

Thank You :-)

Yes I do sell the bees online but with a wire not on a yard stake, same size bee as on the photo.