Tuesday, October 20, 2009

For Every Season Craft Show

Here we go again we are doing another Craft Show called "For Every Season Craft Show" over at 18533 Brookhurst St., Fountain Valley, Ca.

The show starts tomorrow Wednesday, as you can see are inventory is very low. We sold out at our last show Sugar Plum Craft Show and we only had 2 days to try and restock our booth. We were given a 2 sided booth at the entrance of the show WOW!!!

I have always wanted to set up my booth like this and I finally got the chance to do so, only wish I had more product to fill it!!!

This is a photo of the front booth a left side view.

For Every Season Oct 09 LtSide

This is a right side view.

For Every Season Oct.09Rt Side

And this is a center shot.

For Every Season Oct.09

Now this is a left back of booth view

For Every Season Oct.09 ltbackside

A right back of booth view.

For Every Season Oct.09 Rtsideback

Again if you are in the area come by for a visit, there are so many great vendors here and lots to choose from.

Here is a group photo of my new line,Cakes, Cupcakes, Paris signs and more. I have them listed on my website My Country Cottage go over and take a look!!!

For Every Season Oct.09 rtinside

Time to rest, I will be working on more product tomorrow so I can go restock my booth!!!

If I get wiped the first day I am in trouble the show runs till Sunday.




Primgrl1 said...

Hi Rosalie!

I wish I was in town to stop by and check out your booth. Low on inventory? You could have fooled me! But I do understand about having enough stock not only for one show but for back to back craft shows. Never done a show back to back like that but I know you can handle it. Good luck and have fun! By the way I love the polka dotted background on your blog!!!

Go gett'em girl!

Primgrl1! :)

Rosalie said...

Thank You Primgrl1 for all your nice comments. :-)

Wish you were in town also, we would have lots of fun!!!

chounette said...

Hi ! i am frenchwoman and it's for me a dream to see so much beautiful things ! so, thank you ! you can visit my blog also, my adress is: http://wouanille.canalblog.com
i hope you will like it !

Rosalie said...

Thank You Chounette :-)

I just went to visit your blog love your gingerbreads!!!

chounette said...

yours woodcrafts are so beautiful ... wow ! i love them !

crafts said...

Sooo beautiful crafts.. wow!.. I love your blog.. tnnx Rosalie for sharing..