Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sugar Plum Craft Show In Buena Park!!

Sugar Plum Craft Show at the Buena Park Mall this week Thursday - Sat. I will be at my booth personalizing. Here are some photos of my booth that I took after setup last night.

This is the left front of my booth:

This is the right front of my booth:

This is an angle view of my booth:

I made these cute Heart Signs For The Girls, they were a special order, well the one that reads Real Girls Drink Beer was the special order. I added the other two, for those of you that are a whiskey or tequila kinda gal. lol I thought these were fun and cute all at the same time. So here they are, I will be selling them at Sugar Plum and listing them on my website real soon!!

If you would like one of my heart signs before I list them, email me.

Back to my work, finishing lots more signs to take with me tomorrow to Sugar Plum.

Hope to see you there, I would love to meet you.


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