Monday, June 25, 2007

My Raggedy Anns At New Store

Hi Gals I've been so busy lately that I haven't posted for awhile sorry for that!!! I was busy getting my dolls all set up at Creations 3235 Associated Rd., Fullerton, Ca. I told you I would post when I got my raggedy ann dolls in the new store, if you are in the area go in and see all my new dolls there. They have a very nice staff working at Creations and they would love to have you visit. I will post a photo of my dolls in the store later ( I forgot to take my camera with me) for those of you who can't visit the store. My raggedy dollys look so cute in the store the way they are being displayed!!!

My hubby and I went with our neighbors this past weekend up to Big Bear for an outdoor Jazz Festival it was great. It was held way way on top of the mountain that we had to take the ski lifts up to the festival, that was kinda scary especially when my hubby started rocking the lift to scare us more. We threatened to throw him off if he didn't stop it. Then they sat us on the side of a mountain, everyone had to be very careful or you could land up rolling down the hill. But it was nice, calm and relaxing up there. One of the bands there had a gal playing the sax, she really played good I never saw a gal play the sax before and play that good. She brought her Dad on stage to play a few songs with her (he was her teacher) so you know how good he was!!! We all had a good time out there. They also have a Jazz Festival on Catalina Island, were going there next I think it's in Nov. I have to find out the date.

I am fighting off a flu or something right now. With all that running around and everyone around me getting sick including my kids I was bound to get it. Even though I kept saying I am not going to get sick. Sometimes that works for me along with packing up with vitamins etc. But not this time, I don't think it's going to get me as bad as it did my kids (hope not) this thing last over a week!!! I cannot be down that long to much to do.

My son had a rattle snake come visit him by his bedroom yesterday when he went outdoors to sit on his steps. Oh what a scare for all of us, I thought he was yelling that it was in his bedroom, but he was yelling that it was beside his steps and scared him. When he sat down on his steps the snake jumped out beside him shakes his rattler and then jumped onto the side of the house and ran off. I just hope he kept on running down to the back of our property and is not hanging around the house area. Now when I go outdoors I have to look around to make sure the snake is not out there and I hope it doesn't bother poor kitty out there.

While I am going to try and get something done today. Don't know how much I will because I need to rest a lot between things I do. That's what I did all day yesterday!!!
Bye for now,

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