Friday, January 25, 2008

Really Dumb Thing I Did On My Blog

Well I did something really dumb I just found out when setting up my blog that in my comments area I set it up for only bloggers to be able to comment. I was wondering why I wasn't getting very many comments on my blog. I know that I was getting a lot of visitors but not very many comments. Well it was my fault because of the way I had my blog set up. So now my blog is open to anyone for commenting. So please go ahead and comment away and I am sorry for this. Since I plan to have a blog giveaway real soon for my one year blogversary. That would have been terrible because not everyone would have been able to write a comment and join in the fun! Well it's all fixed now girls and don't forget to check back for my blog giveaway!!!

Here is a picture of my raggedies getting ready for there coffee bath!!!


This is what they look like before there coffee bath and without there pretty dresses on. I will be dressing them next before they get to cold!!! It's been raining and very cold here this week. Some of these dollys get to go to the Oklahoma Craft Show there very excited!!!

I will post photos of my raggedies after I have them all dressed. Well that's it for tonight I have got to get some sleep!!! Have lots to do tomorrow like finish up my dollys.


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Writer For God said...

They do look cute and happy. I'll be looking for the final pictures.