Saturday, September 6, 2008

What A Great Surprise


Thank You Jody of Primgals Primitive Palette for awarding me with this great award!!! I just feel so honored and special today : )

Now for the fun turn I get to nominate 7 other blogs that I just love to visit. These gals are all so talented, and have so much to contribute to the crafting world. Hope you take a moment and visit them, you won't be disappointed.

KKL Primitives:

Linda's Blog

Mud Rail Fence>

Niki's Ventures

Garden Goose

Shweet Doodles

My Raggedy World

Thank You Again Jody,



GardenGoose said...

Oh Rosalie..thanks so much! I'll add this little tag to my blog too.I wanted to tell you that the Matilda dolly arrived a few days ago..and I must say..she is so much more adorable in person than even the photos show..the photos are terrific, but to see the doll in person is so adorable.
thanks again..and thanks so much for the award.
hugs, Tina
have a lovely weekend.

Linda said...


Thank you so much for my award. You're such a sweetheart to think of me. It's so nice to hear when someone likes your blog.

Thanks, again and have a great weekend.


KKL-Neenee said...

Hi Rosalie - thank you so much for my award. I'm sorry I'm a bit late in thanking you, I've been swamped and just now getting around to catching up on things.
Thank you for thinking of me!!

Prim hugs

Rosalie said...

You are Welcome Neenee I love all of your blogs. : )