Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hi There!!!

I just wanted to let everyone know I am still here, just very busy with craft shows right now and I am designing a lot of new items.

Everyones orders went out yesterday, you should be receiveing them soon.

I will be back full time after June 21st when I am done with my last craft show for the season. I will be working on my websites listing a lot of new products and I am opening a couple of new etsy shoppes.

That's all I am sharing right now, shhh!! it's a surprise.

I'll do a post when everything is all done and ready for you to go take a look.

I don't have any pictures to share with you from my last craft show Stock & Stuffers. I don't really have an excuse other than I forgot to take pics, I had my camera with me and I guess I was really tired by the time we finished setting up.

I did the show with my friend Glenna and it was a very good show for the two of us.

Well breaks over for me got to get back to work!!!

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