Saturday, May 22, 2010

Announcing BlogFrog & Dropbox

I have two items to share with you, I found Dropbox it's a place to store your photos, files etc. offline and it's free. I use it to work off my desktop or laptop, it puts my photos, files on both computers automatically.

It's that easy, no more transferring with a flashdrive for me. Just Click Here I thought you might be interested in this free service.

The other is BlogFrog I just signed up, my friend Brenda shared this with all us OFG Sisters. When you sign up and follow me you will show up on my blog in the BlogFrog box.

So sign up please so I can see who is visiting my blog, I would love to see my blog guest. If you have a blog you can put a widget on your blog and your visitors can sign up through the BlogFrog widget and they will show up on your blog page.

You can click on the bottom of the BlogFrog box to sign up.

I do hope this information can be of some help to you, anything to make life easier and fun!!!

Now about me I am very busy listing lots of new signs on my website Click Here to visit

I added a lot of shabby cottage and primitive signs on there. I am not done yet I think I will be here all night adding all of them. This is what happens when you get behind on listing.

I need to get off here now and get back to my listing.

P.S. Stock And Stuffers craft show is coming June 2nd - 5th I will post more later.

Till Next Time...


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