Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lemonade Addiction!

Well I don't know if calling it an Addiction is correct, but I have had my hand squeezed lemonade drink on a daily basis. It's been so hot here and lemonade just seems to quench my thirst. Thanks to my beautiful lemon tree, that has given us so many lemons this year, I am able to have my drink daily.

Here is a photo of my lemon tree, she's a little bare looking now.


Funny it's the little things that seem to make us happiest. Would you like to share with me what makes you happy?

Have a great weekend,



Anonymous said...

Mine is plain iced tea no sugar and no lemon. Summer Winter Spring and fall. Any day All day


Rosalie said...

Hmm no sugar, no lemon don't think I can do that a little to bitter for my taste. But I do know about having to have your drink daily!!!