Monday, October 29, 2007

Thank You Everyone

Hi Everyone

Thank You for your support and emails during these trying times. You have made me feel a lot better through all of this. I have been so busy with this unexpected big problem with my website that I haven't had time to do a post!!!

The problem was worst than we thought for awhile we thought my whole website was lost. Then my webhost informed me that she had a very old backup of my website. So I lost eveything on my website that was added on this year, my dolls and wood items. While I was able to do a little updating to my website, but there is a lot missing on there. It just threw me all off, for the time being I will have to leave my website as is until I can work on it again later.

I have lots of orders to fill right now so I will be working on them. My orders are more important to me right now, so website needs to wait! I will be adding my dolls and wood products back on when I can. Just wanted to let everyone know I am still here and that you can continue to email me, with your orders for the products you have seen on my website in the past. I am working on some more dolls and some new Christmas wood items. I will post when I have them listed.

Well that's all for now just a short post to let you know things are looking a lot better now. I am not so devastated anymore by all of this, and I will survive it all!!!

Thanks again for all your friendly support : )

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