Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Busy Busy Fun Week

Well I had a very busy week last week and I will be having another busy one this week. I had two craft shows last week and lots of orders. My good friend Glenna took my raggedy ann dolls to her craft show and I sold out there. She is such a great friend, she is taking my dolls this coming weekend to another of her shows. So I have to make alot more dolls this week. I will be sewing away, but I do enjoy it!!! I will be listing more dolls soon. I just got done designing more new primitive raggedy anne dolls for you all. I will post here on my blog when I list them.

I took some time out Sunday and Monday to play. I had my lil granddaughter and grandson over on Sunday we watched videos together and played. My granddaughter just turned one year old last month. She just loves to dance whenever she hears music any music even the cell phone ringer will get her moving. She is so cute she just makes us laugh all of the time! My grandson decided it was time to spend the night over at grandma's house.

He is so cute the way he asks me if it's ok to stay with me. He will be 4 years old this month his a lil boy now not a baby anymore. They do grow so fast just like our own kids did. So I try to spend as much time with them both. On Monday we all went(daughter, granddaughter, grandson, and myself) to Toys R Us to get my two grandkids some new toys. We all had a fun day out shopping!!! Well that's it for now, just a little of whats going on over here in my part of the world.

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