Friday, May 25, 2007

Rest And Relaxation Time I Needed

I took the time to just relax yesterday with a good movie rental. I just watched "Catch & Release" with Jennifer Garner. It was sad with a happy ending type of movie. I wont say anymore about it just that it was good and I really enjoyed it!!! I love going to the movies to relax and watch a good movie. That's one of the ways for me to relax since my workshop is on our property and it's very hard to seperate it from my personal life and stop working! It seems I am always doing some kind of business work as long as I am at home. Does this happen to you working from home? Have you found something that works and would you please share it with us? Leave us a comment.

I have some exciting news!!! I just got invited to sell my raggedy ann dolls through a shop out in Fullerton, CA. So you gals that have been asking me if I sell my dolls out in the L.A./Orange County area I will be soon!!! I will send an email out to you gals that have been asking and I will post here. To let you know when my raggedy ann dolls are all set up at the shop.

I also have been busy posting some of my wood signs on ebay I thought I would give it a try. I have some new sign ideas I want to try on ebay. I get very excited when I list an item up for auction to watch the bidding going on. You never know till the end what you will get for the item. Sometimes I am surprised at the end of the auction how much I got for the item. : ) I can't help it, it doesn't take much to excite me I guess!!!

Have A Great Holiday Weekend Everyone!!!

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