Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Mom Pack

I joined a great community last week The Mom Pack which consist of a bunch of great women helping each other with there problems in business and personal life. There mission statement: Is to support our mutual goals of success through an innovative, free advertising partnership. They offer directory listings on there site, they have several groups you can sign up for to email for help and there is one you can list the ebay auctions you have running. So check out The Mom Pack They have already helped me with some of my questions I needed help with. Everyone is willing to offer help!!! I tell ya they are GREAT!!! I am glad I found them. : )

Actually my friend Linda Walsh told me about The Mom Pack Thank You Linda. I am making alot of new friends through my website, blog and communities everyone is so friendly and helpful!!!

I just listed some more signs and candle lights over at my My Country Cottage
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you will find them under the prim and prim lighting sections there.

I am working on more dolls right now I will post when I have listed them on my website. That's all for now, I just wanted to share this bit of information with all of you.

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